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Caught between her dreams of a better life, a rich mobster who thinks he owns her and an unstable boyfriend who has just killed a man, Sable must take control of her own life or she may find herself dead by dawn.

Release:Feb 22, 2017
Runtime:1h 25m
Genre:Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Stars:Ayla Kell, Nicole Alexandra Shipley, Chris Petrovski, BoJesse Christopher, Jon Briddell, Tess Kartel, Rodney Eastman, Michael Matteo Rossi, Octavius J. Johnson, Patricia Mizen, Antje Utgaard, Max Bird-Ridnell, Alain Ali Washnevsky, Ariana Molkara, Antoine de Lartigue, Michael Emery, Atli Óskar Fjalarsson, Marisa Belinda, Alessia Bonacci, Vincent Mordente

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